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The best stories have always been told by those who live them. Get to know those behind Franklin and Williamson County’s beloved makers of culture and community. They’re Made to be Makers.

Maker No. 0001 | Jason McConnell, McConnell Hospitality Group

It all started with a cast iron skillet. (And some really good cornbread!) Now, three restaurants later and Jason McConnell is still cultivating deep roots in Franklin and Williamson County. Check out McConnell House for more info!

Maker No. 0002 | Dan & Cindy Blom, Blom Guitars

Sit down with Dan and Cindy from Blom Guitars and you’ll immediately be welcomed like family. Not only are they the best at their craft, their story will inspire and leave you encouraged. Give them a visit today!

Maker No. 0003 | Isaac Meek, Five Daughters Bakery

The myth of the 100 layer donut is in fact true. It does exist and it’s delicious. And while Five Daughters have enjoyed great success since launching in Franklin, Tennessee, you’ll quickly learn they don’t drift far from the roots of the community here. Watch their Donutcam here!

Maker No. 0004 | Elizabeth & Micah Behan, First District Coffee

Listen closely because you’ll hear the true heartbeat behind what’s making Fairview’s newest hot spot a community favorite. First District is much more than a coffee shop or venue, it’s a place of belonging for those looking to connect. But admittedly, the treats are pretty spectacular as well.

Maker No. 0005 | Heather Ainsworth, Southern Firefly

Southern Firefly is one of Williamson County’s best success stories. Hand poured candles are just the start of their story. Watch and let them inspire you, then reach out online!

Maker No. 0006 | Jeremy Cowart, Photographer & Founder of The Purpose Hotel

Sitting down with Jeremy over a cup of coffee and you’d never know he was once named the most influential photographer on the internet. His soft spoken demeanor combined with a ferocious appetite to change the world empowers every single creative ambition. His latest project, The Purpose Hotel, is already changing the way we think about sustainability and travel. Learn more about how you can help The Purpose Hotel here!

Made to be Makers | Maker No. 0007 | Robert Hicks, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Thousands of visitors come from all over the world to experience Franklin, Tennessee's historic preservation efforts for themselves. They come to learn more about the Battle of Franklin, tour the hallowed grounds of Carnton, Carter House and Lotz House, and give honor to those who gave all in some of the darkest hours of our shared history. New York Times Best-Selling Author Robert Hicks captivates audiences in retelling this history in his novel, Widow of the South. Robert recalls what drew him to the small town of Franklin and the inspiration behind the novel that is treasured by many.